01/04/2023  09:18

Welcome to the first E-magazine of Surendranath Evening College. In its inaugural avatar, it contains contributions primarily from the teachers of the college. In subsequent editions you may find articles from the students and our non-teaching staff of the college as well. The magazine has and would be having articles on literature, science, commerce, economics, philosophy and other interesting topics as well. Do read the articles and send your feedback using the Contact page. You may also send your opinion about the e-magazine via email at : snevening@ymail.com.

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Message from Principal

I wholeheartedly thank everyone involved in the publication of the inaugural edition of the E-magazine of our college. I also thank the teachers, non-teaching staff and members of the students' union for their cooperation regarding its publication. I wish the E-magazine all success.

Prof. Iqbal Jaweed

IQAC Coordinator

Prof. Purna Chandra Maity

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